Wild Flowers on Canada Day

For Canada Day my husband and myself went for a bicycle ride on the Somenos Dike Trail in the Cowichan Valley.  The wildflowers are in abundance now and it was lovely.  Above is blue Flax.  Just beautiful waving in the wind.

I think the pink flower below might be a wild Mallow, that is what the bud looks like.  Not nearly as large a flower as cultivated Mallow but the abundance made up for it.

Below is Queen Anne’s Lace.  I think that it is beautiful.

I am not sure what the dark pink flower below is.  I thought it might be wild Phlox but wild Phlox is blue not pink.

It is a blessing that on the Somenos Dike Trail the Municipality of North Cowichan does not mow the sides of the dike, thus providing a home for the wildflowers and whatever insect benefits by them.

A Possible Thunderstorm

Yesterday there was a possibility of a thunderstorm in the Cowichan Valley.  By afternoon the clouds were gathering.  Above is the view to the West from our deck.  As there are a lot of hydro wires near us we headed for higher ground so I could get wire-free photos.  Below is a view to the North-West from the Somenos Dike Trail.

Below is a view to the South from the Dike Trail.  It was these clouds that sent husband and I off to higher ground because from our home these clouds had many wires spoiling the photo.

The photo below is in Sepia tone because the light flare from the camera caused pink areas in the photo.  I loved the silver lining on these clouds.

We never did get the thunderstorm but that’s OK because the clouds were beautiful anyway.