Pink Now Blue

The hydrangea featured in these photos is a color change expert.  Last year it was pink, this year it is blue.  Of course, the blue this year might be from the Miracle Grow plant food I fed it earlier in the season.  Last year I did not feed it at all with a pink result.  The photo below is to show the many blooms on this plant.  Last Fall I pruned it quite hard and thought that I would not get many blooms this year, but in fact the pruning has produced many more blooms.


A New Smoke Bush

Yesterday we cut down a Nishiki Willow in our yard and purchased this Smoke Bush/Tree to replace it.  I do love the smoke-like blooms.  This photo was taken at 6:00am this morning with last night’s sprinkler drops still on it.  The photo below is a closer look.