An Eagle and a Rabbit

Today  we drove to check out a campground a couple of hours north of us.  The campground has a small lake stocked with trout and I saw this adult Bald Eagle in a tree above the lake and wondered if the eagle ever went fishing.  But there are also a lot of rabbits in this campground, one of them is in photo below..

and then I wondered if the eagle preferred fish or rabbit?

Plant Eating Culprit?

Something has been clipping off  forming blossoms from my new garden and I haven’t been happy about it. I  went to the nursery with one of the clipped-off blossoms to see if they knew what had happened, and they said it was a critter.

Last Saturday someone asked my husband if we had been having a problem with rabbits, that there were rabbits with young around.  I wondered, if such rabbits did exist, how they got into our back yard which has a 4 foot privacy fence around it.  But since the nursery confirmed that it was a critter, I scattered blood meal throughout the garden and haven’t seen any more damage.  However I still wondered about the rabbit.

Early this morning my husband was outside and looked over the back fence.  He took this photo of a rabbit close to our yard.  He also found a place under the fence where a rabbit could have gotten in so that will be patched up today.

If only we would have found this out  before I lost 2 of the 3 coming flowers on my new White Swan Echinacea plant, and many of the coming flowers on my Champagne Bubbles Icelandic Poppy.