Filling an Empty Backyard Space

What do you fill an empty space with that is by a fence next to a Deodara tree?  Yesterday we agreed on purchasing this old “chippy wicker” (so advertised) chair and put a Purple Fountain Grass on the seat.  This photo taken late afternoon when the grass was backlit.

Most would think us fools for paying what we did for the chair found at a vintage shop in Cobble Hill, but you don’t see this kind of old wooden wicker too often. Couldn’t bear to paint it and take away the vintage look.

The grass is not hardy, but we hope that putting it in husband’s workshop where there is a window to let in light will carry it through winter.

Rudbeckia Irish Eyes

More from my new perennial garden, Rudbeckia Irish Eyes is blooming now.  Large, brilliant yellow, they are beautiful!  Catmint herb was in the background when I took this photo a couple of days ago but I have dug up the Catmint and moved it into a pot because it was rapidly spreading and this is just the first year.

From My Garden..

Just a few photos of my garden.  Above is Japanese Blood Grass and that deep rich red does look like the color of blood.  I thought that this plant had died from the cold winter we had but thankfully it was merely dormant.

Below is Astrantia Major, common name is Masterwort.  This flower was in the bouquet I posted about earlier (go here).  It was a flower we had in the garden of our previous home so hearing that a local nursery was carrying it, I had to go and buy one for myself.  It was already blooming, an added bonus.  I think that it is lovely.

Below is Day Lily Stella D’Oro.  It’s bright yellow color is not dimmed in shade.  I moved it from another spot in the garden this Spring so it is not blooming as much as it can.

Lastly, below is Jacob’s Ladder, so-called because of the shape of the leaves which does resemble the rungs of a ladder.   The clusters of light blue flowers are lovely atop a rather tall plant.

A Lovely Bouquet

This lovely bouquet was purchased last Saturday from a local farm market.  The lady had picked the flowers from her garden the night before. The large flower on the right is similar to Queen Anne’s Lace but it is cultivated and not considered a  weed.  The Anemones are lovely and delicate.  There is also Masterwort (Astrantia major) and Hosta leaves for greenery.

Below is a closer look at the Anemones.  I have some growing in my garden and can only hope that they will be as lovely as these.


Plant Eating Culprit?

Something has been clipping off  forming blossoms from my new garden and I haven’t been happy about it. I  went to the nursery with one of the clipped-off blossoms to see if they knew what had happened, and they said it was a critter.

Last Saturday someone asked my husband if we had been having a problem with rabbits, that there were rabbits with young around.  I wondered, if such rabbits did exist, how they got into our back yard which has a 4 foot privacy fence around it.  But since the nursery confirmed that it was a critter, I scattered blood meal throughout the garden and haven’t seen any more damage.  However I still wondered about the rabbit.

Early this morning my husband was outside and looked over the back fence.  He took this photo of a rabbit close to our yard.  He also found a place under the fence where a rabbit could have gotten in so that will be patched up today.

If only we would have found this out  before I lost 2 of the 3 coming flowers on my new White Swan Echinacea plant, and many of the coming flowers on my Champagne Bubbles Icelandic Poppy.

Bumblebee, Bumblebee, What Kind of Bumblebee

This Bumblebee, snuggled in a perennial Jacob’s Ladder bloom, is a mystery to me.  He buzzed from flower to flower, it was a challenge to photograph him.  I think that he is rather lovely with his many-colored coat.   I wasn’t sure whether or not he is an insect, but yes, he is a social insect.

Geum Mrs. Bradshaw

This is a perennial, Geum variety Mrs. Bradshaw.  It is the earliest bloomer in one of my new perennial garden areas.  Such brilliant color in sun or shade.

For information on this plant, follow the link below: