Heron With Injury

The Great Blue Heron pictured above was photographed at the Cowichan Estuary in a ditch beside the road, not the prettiest background.  It was one of the more shy herons I have seen and allowed 2 photos before it flew away.  It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos to my computer that I noticed that there was an injury at top of wing, cropped photo below.  Not good quality but you can see the injury.

I wonder how it happened?

Abandoned Railway Tracks

The abandoned railway tracks in the photo above are barely seen from this point on the road at the Cowichan Estuary.   I got out of the car and walked up to the tracks to take the photo below:

Who knows how long it has been since the tracks were used.. it doesn’t take long for nature to take over things abandoned.  I  hope these tracks remain as a symbol of the old days.

A Canada Goose Family at the Cowichan Estuary

Yesterday I saw many Canada Goose families at the Cowichan Estuary.  There they have a safe place there to raise their.  I was standing on a dike looking down at the water where these Geese were, they just slowly moved away from me.

We see adult Canada Geese all the time at different places in the Cowichan Valley but it’s not common to see them with young. I was happy to find them.

The Beautiful Cowichan Estuary

The photo above is of the most Northern part of the Cowichan Estuary on Vancouver Island.  A family of Canada Geese is faintly visible just left of center in the water.  This part of the estuary is found at the end of a road which has a gate that restricts access on Sundays. We have lived in the Cowichan Valley for almost 6 years and only discovered this part of the estuary a couple of days ago..  we will certainly be frequent visitors now.