Male Brown-headed Cowbird: A Better Look at Black Beauty

This male Brown-headed Cowbird, whom I call Black Beauty, (2 photos) has become a many-times daily visitor to our bird feeder along with his mate.  I posted earlier about them but here are better photos of the male, taken yesterday.

They are not very big birds but the male can be aggressive, seen yesterday chasing a larger female Black-headed Grosbeak away from the feeder.  They do, however, co-exist peacefully with sparrows or finches at the feeder.

For more information follow the link below to All About Birds.

Black Beauty

These birds are new to me as of a few weeks ago.  They come daily to our feeder, above are male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.  I wonder why they have such a strange name being members of the Blackbird family.  My photos do not do justice to the beautiful shiny black feathers of the male’s body nor the chocolate-brown of his head.

Below is another of the males.

for more information on the Brown-headed Cowbird, follow the link below at All About Birds.