Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

My first entry in this week’s challenge of Focus was a disappointing (to me) photo of a bear that turned out to be blurred.  This entry is one of my favorite photos, that  being a female House Finch in a Deodara tree.  It is the background that appeals, more of the tree blended with the sky in an out-of-focus way that is lovely to me.

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Sweet Little Fledglings

These little sparrows are fledged from the nest but they are still demanding food. I wonder how long the mom is going to feed them?  Below on the right is the sweetest baby ever but it is slow to follow mom to the feeder.. I hope that it becomes independent quickly before the crows catch him.

Below are mom on right and two of the babies, see their baby beaks?

Below is mom again and the baby who is slower at learning that things have changed and he must feed himself.

Female Brown-headed Cowbird: A Closer Look

Following my last post, here are two photos of the female Brown-headed Cowbird, this is the mate of the male featured in my last post.  She is beautiful in her own way, I especially love the black beak and striped chest.  In the photo below she is looking at me, you have to love when they do that.

Thankfully they are not as shy as they were at first and do not mind my presence as long as I sit still and quietly photograph.  There were two fledglings higher up in the tree but as Cowbirds lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, I don’t know whose young they were.  They were definitely not House Sparrows or finches.