A New Smoke Bush

Yesterday we cut down a Nishiki Willow in our yard and purchased this Smoke Bush/Tree to replace it.  I do love the smoke-like blooms.  This photo was taken at 6:00am this morning with last night’s sprinkler drops still on it.  The photo below is a closer look.

Early Morning Clouds

The last two days in the Cowichan Valley have been very hot, in the 80sF.  Today it is cooler, thank the Lord, and a breeze is blowing.  Above photo is of the clouds about 6:00am this morning.  I wish I could have captured the silver edges of the clouds.

Visiting Kin Beach in Chemainus, BC

Most people come to the town of Chemanus BC on Vancouver Island to view the murals for which the town is famous for, but there is a hidden treasure that few of these visitors see.  In old town there is a lovely beach called Kin Beach.  It is not sandy at low tide as Qualicum Beach is, but it is shallow and very safe for children.  It also has a view of gulf islands in the distance and a lovely lighthouse that you can walk out to when the tide is at its lowest point.

The photo below is the view just to the west.  These hilltop homes have a beautiful view of the beach. 

The rocks and wheat grass below provide lovely textures at the entrance to the path leading down to the  beach.

I noticed the little face in the knot of this tree as soon as we parked the car.  The eyes which were brass screws were very shiny.

Parent and Child

The photo above of a crow parent and child was taken through the front window of our car at Quamichan Lake.  As we drove into the parking lot I saw this young crow nuzzling his parent and couldn’t resist a photo as the parent was very patient.  The photo below was taken after I exited the car, surprisingly they didn’t fly away.  I do think that the parent crow is a male, he has that manly look, but I could be wrong.

Qualicum Beach, BC at Low Tide

Qualicum Beach is one of the loveliest places on east Vancouver Island.  A long stretch of beach that is sandy at low tide and with beautiful views of the gulf islands beyond.  These photos were taken a few days ago when many people were out enjoying walking along the beach.  People with dogs, couples strolling, a man with a paddleboard heading out to the water.  The lady below had two well-behaved dogs.  I liked the reflection in the tidal pool.

Below is a rock that is mostly submerged at high tide. I liked the reflection.  You can see the seaweed that has been exposed.

Below is a little restaurant called The Beach Hut, located beside the sidewalk that runs the length of Qualicum Beach.  The food here is very good.  My husband’s favorite is the Chili Cheese Fries.   It is only open a few months of the year and is very busy.

Goats in a Field of Daisies

Yesterday we passed by a field filled with blooming daisies and populated by a small herd of goats.  I couldn’t resist taking photos.   In the first photo you can see how tall the daisies were by the fact they reach the top of the goat’s legs.  The wire fence is barely visible by a horizontal line across the goat’s back.

Below I liked the way they walked into a line-up.

I think the goat below is a female who is either chubby or pregnant.  She would take a bite and then look at me, you can see the food in her mouth.

Just another view to show the high grass and daisies.

This field was walking distance away from the staging area for the Cowichan Valley Trail.  Yesterday we were going to ride our bicycles there but the Regional District had posted a sign warning of a cougar in the area.   I hope that if it is near to this field, the goats will not be harmed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

For this week’s photo challenge of Transient, here are two big rigs coming up behind us on the Nanaimo Parkway.  They are on a schedule and in a hurry.. being transient, it wasn’t but a moment and the first one passed us, photo below.

For more information on how to enter this week’s challenge, follow the link below:


An Eagle and a Rabbit

Today  we drove to check out a campground a couple of hours north of us.  The campground has a small lake stocked with trout and I saw this adult Bald Eagle in a tree above the lake and wondered if the eagle ever went fishing.  But there are also a lot of rabbits in this campground, one of them is in photo below..

and then I wondered if the eagle preferred fish or rabbit?

From My Garden..

Just a few photos of my garden.  Above is Japanese Blood Grass and that deep rich red does look like the color of blood.  I thought that this plant had died from the cold winter we had but thankfully it was merely dormant.

Below is Astrantia Major, common name is Masterwort.  This flower was in the bouquet I posted about earlier (go here).  It was a flower we had in the garden of our previous home so hearing that a local nursery was carrying it, I had to go and buy one for myself.  It was already blooming, an added bonus.  I think that it is lovely.

Below is Day Lily Stella D’Oro.  It’s bright yellow color is not dimmed in shade.  I moved it from another spot in the garden this Spring so it is not blooming as much as it can.

Lastly, below is Jacob’s Ladder, so-called because of the shape of the leaves which does resemble the rungs of a ladder.   The clusters of light blue flowers are lovely atop a rather tall plant.

Worried About These Fledglings

Here are two very new House Sparrow fledglings that I am really worried about.  I photographed them sitting atop the roof of our neighbour’s shed.  Their eyes are closed and they are not moving much.  They both look weak to me.  In the photo below their eyes are half-open but they are still not moving around.  This is a terrible place for them as the crows are around now with fledglings in the area.

Just after I took these photos a female flew to the roof with another fledgling right with her, begging for food but these two remained where they were.

Lord, give them strength…

A Lovely Bouquet

This lovely bouquet was purchased last Saturday from a local farm market.  The lady had picked the flowers from her garden the night before. The large flower on the right is similar to Queen Anne’s Lace but it is cultivated and not considered a  weed.  The Anemones are lovely and delicate.  There is also Masterwort (Astrantia major) and Hosta leaves for greenery.

Below is a closer look at the Anemones.  I have some growing in my garden and can only hope that they will be as lovely as these.


Contemplating Life

This little Hummingbird seems to be thinking about things, perhaps contemplating life or wondering where she will go for her next meal.  Going by the white patch behind the eye, I’m pretty sure that this is either an adult female Anna’s Hummingbird or a juvenile male Anna’s Hummingbird.


Vulture Among the Bushes

This photo was taken a couple of years ago on a road less traveled and this is the only time I have seen vultures since we moved to the Cowichan Valley.    This vulture and a couple of others were  feasting on a dead deer when we came across them.  They immediately flew into the trees and this is the best photo I could get, not the greatest but an opportunity I might not get again.

There is a place near here that has vultures and other birds of prey on display but I have never been there because I would much rather see them in the wild.