Little Lake at Coombs Country Campground

This photo and the one following were taken today at Coombs Country Campground on Vancouver Island.   The lovely fountain above keeps the water moving on the small man-made lake which is stocked with trout and does not have a catch and release program.  If you catch a trout, this is your supper for the night.  We did see two men fishing but no  luck for them.

The photo below is of the part of the lake where people were swimming, kayaking and just having fun.  There is a small dock for people to dive into the water, but to me it doesn’t look like it is very deep.

This is a family campground where we will be until Thursday morning.  Some campsites are sunny, some are shaded. We have morning sun which will be nice.  There are clean washrooms, a pool and an arcade.   Within a short distance there are many things to do. Cathedral Grove and Cameron Lake are not far away, neither is the town of Qualicum and below that, Qualicum Beach.  Closer to the campground is the farm market, famous for its Goats on the Roof.  I have always said I would not photograph such a touristy spot but probably I will give in and take a photo to share here.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The photo above was taken one Sunday morning a couple of years ago.  The sight of a red sun almost shrouded by the smoky haze gave an almost apocalyptic appearance.  There were several forest fires in the area and thus the effect on the sun’s appearance.  The morning clouds are faintly seen and have a pinkish appearance as well.

A New Smoke Bush

Yesterday we cut down a Nishiki Willow in our yard and purchased this Smoke Bush/Tree to replace it.  I do love the smoke-like blooms.  This photo was taken at 6:00am this morning with last night’s sprinkler drops still on it.  The photo below is a closer look.

Visiting Kin Beach in Chemainus, BC

Most people come to the town of Chemanus BC on Vancouver Island to view the murals for which the town is famous for, but there is a hidden treasure that few of these visitors see.  In old town there is a lovely beach called Kin Beach.  It is not sandy at low tide as Qualicum Beach is, but it is shallow and very safe for children.  It also has a view of gulf islands in the distance and a lovely lighthouse that you can walk out to when the tide is at its lowest point.

The photo below is the view just to the west.  These hilltop homes have a beautiful view of the beach. 

The rocks and wheat grass below provide lovely textures at the entrance to the path leading down to the  beach.

I noticed the little face in the knot of this tree as soon as we parked the car.  The eyes which were brass screws were very shiny.

Qualicum Beach, BC at Low Tide

Qualicum Beach is one of the loveliest places on east Vancouver Island.  A long stretch of beach that is sandy at low tide and with beautiful views of the gulf islands beyond.  These photos were taken a few days ago when many people were out enjoying walking along the beach.  People with dogs, couples strolling, a man with a paddleboard heading out to the water.  The lady below had two well-behaved dogs.  I liked the reflection in the tidal pool.

Below is a rock that is mostly submerged at high tide. I liked the reflection.  You can see the seaweed that has been exposed.

Below is a little restaurant called The Beach Hut, located beside the sidewalk that runs the length of Qualicum Beach.  The food here is very good.  My husband’s favorite is the Chili Cheese Fries.   It is only open a few months of the year and is very busy.

A Misty Rainy Day at Mill Bay

There was beauty to be found at Mill Bay on Vancouver Island on a misty, rainy day.  Raindrops on the grasses by the ocean could not be duplicated by sprinklers.  I think their design and size differences are just beautiful.  Below is a little further away view.

Below are the grasses above Mill Bay where I took the close-ups of the raindrops.  You can see that the day was misty.

Below is a view a little to the south.  The rocks are smooth, worn away by the tide and the weather.

We are expecting the weather to change, this could possibly be our last rainy day for a while.   Right now everything is so rich and green but it will change to dry and yellow once the heat of Summer comes.

Cathedral Grove

One of my favorite places, the Cedar trees of Cathedral Grove, a highly visited Provincial park located  between Coombs and Port Alberni BC.  On this day it was sunny,  I think it looks better in the shade.  More mysterious. This photo was taken on the less visited trail.

Abandoned Railway Tracks

The abandoned railway tracks in the photo above are barely seen from this point on the road at the Cowichan Estuary.   I got out of the car and walked up to the tracks to take the photo below:

Who knows how long it has been since the tracks were used.. it doesn’t take long for nature to take over things abandoned.  I  hope these tracks remain as a symbol of the old days.

The Beautiful Cowichan Estuary

The photo above is of the most Northern part of the Cowichan Estuary on Vancouver Island.  A family of Canada Geese is faintly visible just left of center in the water.  This part of the estuary is found at the end of a road which has a gate that restricts access on Sundays. We have lived in the Cowichan Valley for almost 6 years and only discovered this part of the estuary a couple of days ago..  we will certainly be frequent visitors now.