Early Morning Clouds

The last two days in the Cowichan Valley have been very hot, in the 80sF.  Today it is cooler, thank the Lord, and a breeze is blowing.  Above photo is of the clouds about 6:00am this morning.  I wish I could have captured the silver edges of the clouds.

A Possible Thunderstorm

Yesterday there was a possibility of a thunderstorm in the Cowichan Valley.  By afternoon the clouds were gathering.  Above is the view to the West from our deck.  As there are a lot of hydro wires near us we headed for higher ground so I could get wire-free photos.  Below is a view to the North-West from the Somenos Dike Trail.

Below is a view to the South from the Dike Trail.  It was these clouds that sent husband and I off to higher ground because from our home these clouds had many wires spoiling the photo.

The photo below is in Sepia tone because the light flare from the camera caused pink areas in the photo.  I loved the silver lining on these clouds.

We never did get the thunderstorm but that’s OK because the clouds were beautiful anyway.

Gathering Clouds

For the past few days we have enjoyed warm temperatures and sunny days, but yesterday rain was predicted for today.  Sure enough, as the day progressed the humidity became intense and the clouds gathered.   Last night the first raindrops fell and today it is raining quite hard.  As I always say “never complain about the rain” because when summer comes it will be hot and dry.  Right now we have rain for the trees, rain for the garden, rain for the river (Cowichan River which is very low in summer).