An Eagle and a Rabbit

Today  we drove to check out a campground a couple of hours north of us.  The campground has a small lake stocked with trout and I saw this adult Bald Eagle in a tree above the lake and wondered if the eagle ever went fishing.  But there are also a lot of rabbits in this campground, one of them is in photo below..

and then I wondered if the eagle preferred fish or rabbit?

Vulture Among the Bushes

This photo was taken a couple of years ago on a road less traveled and this is the only time I have seen vultures since we moved to the Cowichan Valley.    This vulture and a couple of others were  feasting on a dead deer when we came across them.  They immediately flew into the trees and this is the best photo I could get, not the greatest but an opportunity I might not get again.

There is a place near here that has vultures and other birds of prey on display but I have never been there because I would much rather see them in the wild.