Goats on the Roof at Coombs Old Country Market

I could not get a photograph of the goats because we left our campground early this morning and the goats were not out as yet, but here are two links regarding these goats.


Here is a link to a video of the goats on the roof..



Goats in a Field of Daisies

Yesterday we passed by a field filled with blooming daisies and populated by a small herd of goats.  I couldn’t resist taking photos.   In the first photo you can see how tall the daisies were by the fact they reach the top of the goat’s legs.  The wire fence is barely visible by a horizontal line across the goat’s back.

Below I liked the way they walked into a line-up.

I think the goat below is a female who is either chubby or pregnant.  She would take a bite and then look at me, you can see the food in her mouth.

Just another view to show the high grass and daisies.

This field was walking distance away from the staging area for the Cowichan Valley Trail.  Yesterday we were going to ride our bicycles there but the Regional District had posted a sign warning of a cougar in the area.   I hope that if it is near to this field, the goats will not be harmed.

An Eagle and a Rabbit

Today  we drove to check out a campground a couple of hours north of us.  The campground has a small lake stocked with trout and I saw this adult Bald Eagle in a tree above the lake and wondered if the eagle ever went fishing.  But there are also a lot of rabbits in this campground, one of them is in photo below..

and then I wondered if the eagle preferred fish or rabbit?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s photo challenge is all about focus.  The photo above is one of my biggest disappointments because I really thought that this photo I took of a black bear would surely be in focus.

We were driving the road between Honeymoon Bay and Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.  It is a road with many turns and at this point, as we rounded a corner, I saw the black bear on the  hill above the road, way too close to consider getting out of the car.  Husband did not want to stop the car because it was just past the corner  and who knows when a car will come.  But it was a stop the car moment, so I rolled down the window and took this photo.  What a disappointment when I uploaded the photo and saw that the bear was blurry..   if only I would have been a few feet further on,  if only there was a place to pull over, if only I could have had more time, if only husband would have turned the car engine off.    After taking the photo the bear headed into the bushes and we drove off,  and as we did so another car rounded the corner behind us.

This is one of the few bears we have seen since moving to Vancouver Island almost 6 years ago..  all things considered, I guess I should be happy to have been able to get any kind of photo.

For more information on how to enter this week’s challenge, please follow the link below:

Plant Eating Culprit?

Something has been clipping off  forming blossoms from my new garden and I haven’t been happy about it. I  went to the nursery with one of the clipped-off blossoms to see if they knew what had happened, and they said it was a critter.

Last Saturday someone asked my husband if we had been having a problem with rabbits, that there were rabbits with young around.  I wondered, if such rabbits did exist, how they got into our back yard which has a 4 foot privacy fence around it.  But since the nursery confirmed that it was a critter, I scattered blood meal throughout the garden and haven’t seen any more damage.  However I still wondered about the rabbit.

Early this morning my husband was outside and looked over the back fence.  He took this photo of a rabbit close to our yard.  He also found a place under the fence where a rabbit could have gotten in so that will be patched up today.

If only we would have found this out  before I lost 2 of the 3 coming flowers on my new White Swan Echinacea plant, and many of the coming flowers on my Champagne Bubbles Icelandic Poppy.


This young squirrel, whom I have named “Tippy” is rather unusual in that she has a white-tipped tail.  It is natural, doesn’t look like paint.  She has been coming to our back yard for a couple of weeks now with another all black squirrel that looks like it could be a litter-mate.

Below is a closer look but in this photo the tip of her tail does not show.

I really don’t know if the squirrel is a male or female but to me it has a more dainty look than the other one so I call it a “she”..