Pink Now Blue

The hydrangea featured in these photos is a color change expert.  Last year it was pink, this year it is blue.  Of course, the blue this year might be from the Miracle Grow plant food I fed it earlier in the season.  Last year I did not feed it at all with a pink result.  The photo below is to show the many blooms on this plant.  Last Fall I pruned it quite hard and thought that I would not get many blooms this year, but in fact the pruning has produced many more blooms.


Filling an Empty Backyard Space

What do you fill an empty space with that is by a fence next to a Deodara tree?  Yesterday we agreed on purchasing this old “chippy wicker” (so advertised) chair and put a Purple Fountain Grass on the seat.  This photo taken late afternoon when the grass was backlit.

Most would think us fools for paying what we did for the chair found at a vintage shop in Cobble Hill, but you don’t see this kind of old wooden wicker too often. Couldn’t bear to paint it and take away the vintage look.

The grass is not hardy, but we hope that putting it in husband’s workshop where there is a window to let in light will carry it through winter.

Rudbeckia Irish Eyes

More from my new perennial garden, Rudbeckia Irish Eyes is blooming now.  Large, brilliant yellow, they are beautiful!  Catmint herb was in the background when I took this photo a couple of days ago but I have dug up the Catmint and moved it into a pot because it was rapidly spreading and this is just the first year.

Goats on the Roof at Coombs Old Country Market

I could not get a photograph of the goats because we left our campground early this morning and the goats were not out as yet, but here are two links regarding these goats.

Here is a link to a video of the goats on the roof..


Little Lake at Coombs Country Campground

This photo and the one following were taken today at Coombs Country Campground on Vancouver Island.   The lovely fountain above keeps the water moving on the small man-made lake which is stocked with trout and does not have a catch and release program.  If you catch a trout, this is your supper for the night.  We did see two men fishing but no  luck for them.

The photo below is of the part of the lake where people were swimming, kayaking and just having fun.  There is a small dock for people to dive into the water, but to me it doesn’t look like it is very deep.

This is a family campground where we will be until Thursday morning.  Some campsites are sunny, some are shaded. We have morning sun which will be nice.  There are clean washrooms, a pool and an arcade.   Within a short distance there are many things to do. Cathedral Grove and Cameron Lake are not far away, neither is the town of Qualicum and below that, Qualicum Beach.  Closer to the campground is the farm market, famous for its Goats on the Roof.  I have always said I would not photograph such a touristy spot but probably I will give in and take a photo to share here.

Champagne Bubbles Icelandic Poppy

This little poppy, called Champagne Bubbles, is peeking out from behind annual Cosmos.  This poppy has been quite a challenge for me to grow.  It was purchased as one of many perennials for a new garden, and was first planted this year in a different location. I was excited when it formed many flower buds but then they began to drop off, 5 in all. I wondered if they were being chewed off.   At the same time I had a new day lily which looked like it was not going to bloom so I dug up the poppy and the lily and exchanged places.  And wouldn’t you know that the poppy is now blooming and growing new buds, and the day lily is forming a flower stalk.

Hot Day at French Beach

The photo above was taken at French Beach west of Sooke BC.  It was a very hot day in July and what looked like steam was rising from the over-heated sand exposed at low tide.  Families were building things in the sand, or walking along the beach.

French Beach is a Provincial Park about an hour west of Victoria BC.  There is a lovely campground and a large parking area for day visitors.  The trail to the beach is downhill but paved, and at the bottom of the hill next to the beach is a grassed area with playground, picnic tables and pit toilet.

French Beach is a wonderful place for a day trip but if you plan to spend the night in the campground bring warm clothes because this campground is in the fog zone and can be cold in early morning.

Great Blue Heron Fishing..

The photo above and the one following were taken from the walking path beside the river at Goldstream Provincial Park beside the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island.  This heron was only a few feet away from me, and so intent on fishing that it either didn’t know I was there or else ignored me. I was behind a bush but not completely out of sight.

The photo below is a closer look.  In a previous post I noticed those brown feathers on the top of the wing and thought that it was an injury, but now it is obvious that this color is natural on herons.

There are many Great Blue Herons in this area but this is the closest encounter I have had.

Providing Food for Bees

We have White Dutch Clover in our lawn.. why do I not want to remove it?  Because it provides food for bees.  This photo, taken late yesterday afternoon, is reason enough for me to keep the clover.

I wrote a longer post regarding reasons to have clover on my other blog called Directing My Steps.  Here is the link:


Wild Flowers on Canada Day

For Canada Day my husband and myself went for a bicycle ride on the Somenos Dike Trail in the Cowichan Valley.  The wildflowers are in abundance now and it was lovely.  Above is blue Flax.  Just beautiful waving in the wind.

I think the pink flower below might be a wild Mallow, that is what the bud looks like.  Not nearly as large a flower as cultivated Mallow but the abundance made up for it.

Below is Queen Anne’s Lace.  I think that it is beautiful.

I am not sure what the dark pink flower below is.  I thought it might be wild Phlox but wild Phlox is blue not pink.

It is a blessing that on the Somenos Dike Trail the Municipality of North Cowichan does not mow the sides of the dike, thus providing a home for the wildflowers and whatever insect benefits by them.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The photo above was taken one Sunday morning a couple of years ago.  The sight of a red sun almost shrouded by the smoky haze gave an almost apocalyptic appearance.  There were several forest fires in the area and thus the effect on the sun’s appearance.  The morning clouds are faintly seen and have a pinkish appearance as well.

First and Last Flower

This little Cobweb Sempervivum succulent plant is putting forth its first and last flower on this stalk, such beauty at the end of its life.  You can see many little stalks coming forth to take its place.  After all the little flowers have bloomed this stalk will be removed to make way for the new little ones.